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How to Eliminate Body Odor

How to Eliminate Body Odor - Body odor?? not everyone wants to be the body odor. Body odor will make us insecure. especially if you're with a boyfriend, friends, or family.

Heredity a cause of body odor. Causes of body odor can also be from being overweight, mental development, body hygiene, hormonal factors or periods of puberty, smoking, drugs, booze and maybe there are still some things that cause the appearance of body odor.
How to Eliminate Body Odor

In general, we could have used an easier way to get rid of the body odor by spraying deodorant or perfume, deodorant or perfume, but it was only able to survive for a while and will cause body odor because of sweat mixed with deodorant it.

There are some How To Eliminate Body Odor that you can learn and you try at home:

Bath -
Get used to shower twice a day, getting a shower after activities that emit lots of sweat can prevent you from body odor problem.
Use soap that contains anti-bacterial and deodorant that does not contain excessive. Dry your body after a bath, use clean clothes and can absorb sweat.
You can use talcum powder on the area of ​​the body folds. Use talcum powder containing anti-bacterial. Clean your underarm area, the armpit becomes your source of body odor. Shave your armpits for armpit sweat will accommodate longer.
Food -
Watch your diet, avoid the consumption of food that contains lots of onions, garlic, and you even have to start reducing food spicy.
Caffeine also need to avoid to reduce your body odor. Begin to multiply the consumption of foods that contain more fiber, green vegetables, soy-containing foods and fruits. Expand drink water at least 1-2 liters a day, the benefits of water consumption is in addition to being more healthy body apparently able to remove the smell of water loss through sweat.


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How to Eliminate Body Odor